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Doom Emacs

Please note! This is a living document and will be updated whenever needed.

Trying Emacs once again, this time around not a custom setup but DOOM Emacs

While learning I also keep this cheat sheet open: DOOM cheat sheet


Reasons for DOOM Emacs

Reasons why I want to use Emacs

Learning Goals

In order for me to be comfortable enough to use Emacs the list below should at least be as easy to use as in other editors. For me that means, following a standard I’ve grown accustomed to. If this means I need to re-map keybindings I should be able to do so with minimum effort.


Opening and closing files

I try to stay as close to DOOM as possible and only remap when inconvenient.

Shortcut Does
SPC . Open a file (global)
SPC SPC Open a file (in project)
SPC b k Kill a buffer

Splitting views

Shortcut Does
SPC w V vertical split (and follow). This is what I’m used to.
SPC w S horizontal split (and follow). Again this is what I’m used to.

Opening files in split view

I have enabled Treemacs, and from Treemacs this is easy.

Shortcut Does
SPC o p Open Treemacs
SPC o s Open and split Horizontal
SPC o v Open and split Vertical


In order to have a nice tab bar, all I needed to do was open the init.el and enable tabs

So in Emacs:

ESC (go into command mode) -> SPC f p (open configuration file) -> init.el

And remove ;; from tabs

Now do a doom sync and restart Emacs.